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In the western part of the Brenta Group, on the bottom of the valley enclosed between Cima Tosa (3173 m) and Doss del Sabion (2101 m), lies the placid Lake Valagola (1595 m). One of the few lakes belonging to the Brenta Dolomites.

Fed by the melting waters of the Agola and Prato Fiorito glaciers, the lake reaches a maximum depth of only 4 m, despite being 300 m long and 140 m wide. Its colors turn from blue to different shades of green, due to the presence of abundant algae and aquatic plants. Minnows and rainbow trouts swim in the lake. The latter are not originating from the Park territory. They are in fact of North American origin and repeatedly introduced in the 50s and early 60s.

In the sky, if we are lucky, we can see the beautiful golden eagle. This historical presence has inspired the name of the lake and of the valley. In summer the cow bells of the nearby malga resonate in the pastures. The traditional presence of livestock during the mountain pasture enriches the lake with nutrients, which naturally would be scarcely concentrated. Nearby there is Malga Valagola which houses a Park guesthouse.