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Third lake of the 5 Lakes Tour (clockwise starting from Lake Ritort). It is located at an altitude of 2370 m above the forest and is quite large. Around the lake are the tonalite rocks typical of the Adamello and Presanella areas as well as the tenacious herbaceous vegetation. In summer even at high altitudes, it gives a touch of green to this almost lunar environment.

Lake Serodoli is the third lake we meet in the 5 Lakes Tour starting from Lake Ritort in the upper Rendena valley. Lying in a lunar landscape at 2370 m, the lake and the Serodoli peak that overlooks it are symbolic places for the residents of these valleys and for tourists. In fact, from 2013 it was decided to safeguard the integrity of the landscape by interrupting the expansion of the Madonna di Campiglio ski facilities. This was done to protect the nature and the landscape which are the most precious features of these valleys.

Going on beyond the lake towards Nambrone Pass, we reach the nearby lake Gelato. The name obviously derives from the ice that remains even after the spring thaw is already at an advanced stage in the other lakes. In winter a very popular ski touring track takes to the lake and continue towards the Serodoli peak (2708 m). At that time you can observe the white partridges that, in a white dress, scamper on the snow or fly from one side to the other.