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Lake Scuro takes its name from the deep blue colour given to the transparent waters by the considerable depth (30 m). Set among steep rocky walls, it is located in a lunar environment, which a little above hosts the small Lake of Passo del Maroccaro.

To visit Lake Scuro at the Mandron you have to go very high, up to 2663 meters of altitude. The effort is rewarded by the view of the peaks of the Adamello that can be enjoyed in this unique place. In fact, we find ourselves among the roches moutonnées (shaped and polished by the movement of an ancient glacier) in a severe and lunar environment. Here, however, some resistant plant and animal species survive, adapted to the extreme conditions of the high mountains. Among these are some plankton species. These manage to live in the icy waters of the lake under the ice layer that covers the surface since late autumn. The lake is wide, it is the third largest lake in Trentino above 2600 m of altitude. It is not fed by a main water course, but there are various rivulets that descend from the overhanging snowfields. At 2734 m, a little further up, we meet the small but fascinating Lake Passo del Maroccaro.

Going up along the path, we come across old broken shacks, remains of rusty weapons and ammunition, rolls of barbed wire and other evidence of the terrible war that was fought on these peaks during the First World War.