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The lake appears at 1935 m when we come out of a beautiful wood of spikes, larches and rhododendrons. The landscape is welcoming and charming: perfect for a beautiful excursion.

When we arrive near Lake San Giuliano we are fascinated by the beauty of the landscape. The lake in all weather conditions arouses feelings of peace and tranquility. The landscape is so welcoming and of rare beauty that even the Prince Bishop Carlo Emanuele Madruzzo came to spend the summer here from 1649 to 1653.

But it also hides secrets under the silver veil of its waters. In fact, the legend says that Giuliano, a dissolute nobleman, lived in hermitage near the lake. The latter, after having murdered his parents, retired here in the mountains. Once captured by the guards, he was put in a sack full of vipers and thrown into the lake. But he did not sink, on the contrary he was brought back to shore placidly asleep with the vipers in his lap. It was therefore considered a miracle and he was released.

Along the shores of Lake San Giuliano there is also a delightful mountain hut recently renovated.