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At the foot of Punta Pisgana (3108 m) in the upper Val di Genova, lie two mirrors of water not far from each other and connected by a Rio, both formed by glacial exaration. They are lake Rotondo (2527 m) and lake Ghiacciato (2573 m) with clear waters and the almost perfectly circular shape.

The shores of Lake Rotondo seem to be scratched into the tonalite rock by a large compass. In fact it was formed in a glacial excavation basin with steep rocky walls and a rounded shape. 115 meters wide and 195 meters long with deep, crystal clear waters of a turquoise blue that allow you to observe the details of the bottom almost to its center. The banks degrade as quickly as regularly towards the center of the lake. It reaches a depth of almost 17 meters. The nearby smaller lake Ghiacciato is 100 meters long and 88 meters wide and reaches a depth of 9 meters.