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Lake Pozzoni is a small basin at an altitude of over 2800 m in a plateau occupied in the past by a glacial tongue of the Lares glacier. Until a few decades ago we could observe some pools mixed with residual ice, now completely disappeared.

Lake Pozzoni has recently formed thanks to the gradual withdrawal of the Lares glacier. It is located at the foot of Cima Pozzoni (2915 m) among cyclopic boulders of tonalite. The toponym Pozzoni indicates the presence of numerous basins related to the glacial activity now occupied by water or marshy areas.

The recent deglacization of the entire area makes it difficult to access. However its almost lunar aspect, with the waters surrounded by rocks and boulders, is very suggestive. Its waters are not very transparent but slightly milky due to the presence of silt of glacial origin. Given the modest depth, several outcropping rocks can be seen.