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One of the best panoramic places to take a photo with an integral view of the Brenta Group! Lake Nero of Cornisello, reachable in less than half an hour on foot for those who drive up to the Cornisello refuge, owes its name to the color of its waters which, due to the depth, take on dark blue tones.

Lake Nero of Cornisello is a vantage point with few rivals. There the view of the entire chain of the Brenta Dolomites opens up in front of you. One never tires of admiring this truly breathtaking panorama.

It is also located not far from the Lower and Upper Cornisello Lakes. It remains a little more secluded, almost suspended in a fairy tale world with its extremely clear, transparent and deep waters.

The shores of the lake are huge blocks and rocky walls that descend almost vertically towards the bottom. In summer, small patches of white plumes vibrate in the wind. The waters of the lake are not very mineralized, which makes them sensitive to the effects of acid rain. For these characteristics it has been under observation for years as a sentinel of environmental change.