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Lake Nambrone, at an altitude of 2442 m, was modeled by an ancient glacier that carved Val Nambrone over the ages. It is a place as charming as is far away, guarded by the harshness of the environment that surrounds it.

Approaching Lake Nambrone we are struck by the deep blue of its waters and the great boulders of tonalite (typical rock of the Adamello and Presanella groups) collapsed in ancient times. Everything contributes to make this place amazing. In a wild environment, the marmots whistle from their hiding places, while chamois and mouflons chase each other among the rocky crags. Here is the realm of the golden eagle and of the white partridges.

This little paradise can be reached in about 3 hours of hiking, going up from the wild Val Nambrone to the Pass. From there, in about half an hour, you can reach the Nambrone lake along a path that is sometimes exposed and not always visible. Therefore suitable for expert hikers.

It is also possible to go up to the Nambrone Pass from the Gelato and Serodoli Lakes (Five Lakes Tour).