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Nestled among the mountains of the Presanella Group, among rocks and lush forests of spruce trees, in a natural basin lies Lake Nambino. A placid lake of glacial origin from which you can admire the jagged peaks of the Brenta Dolomites.

Above the field in which Madonna di Campiglio and Piana di Nambino extend, with a short and easy hike you can reach Lake Nambino, located between Cima Pancugolo and Monte Zeledria under the Busa dei Cavai. A popular destination for families and tourists, the lake can be the starting point for more challenging hikes at high altitude, one of which is the famous Tour of the five lakes of Madonna di Campiglio. One would not suspect that such a calm and placid mountain lake had dark and nefarious story … yet it is said that in the past here lived a dragon that used to kill cows, calves, sheep and goats. But don’t worry … it seems that the Nambino monster was killed years ago by a hunter from Val di Sole who hung his remains on the vaults of the church of Santa Maria di Campiglio.Once the monster is defeated, now Lake Nambino remains a pleasant and peaceful place. An elongated and shallow basin surrounded by the green of the lush fir forests. Collecting the waters from the above lakes Gelato, Serodoli and Lambin, releases them into the Sarca of Nambino.