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Lake Mandrone, of glacial origin, is located at 2,409 m in a plain below the “Mandrone-Città di Trento” mountain hut. Opposite, towards the south-west, we admire the glaciers of Mandrone and Lobbie.

Lake Mandrone is located upstream of the Val di Genova. This is one of the most famous valleys of Trentino, surrounded by the highest peaks of the Adamello Group.

The banks of the lake, gently sloping, are partly rocky and partly earthy. Ideal for a stopover that allows us to admire the beauty of the glaciers that surround us. Here and there sprouting patches of Erioforum (cotton grass), a herbaceous plant with small flowers that after flowering form a sort of white bow or plume. These give the landscape an unmistakable gentle note in the harshness of the surrounding rocks.

The waters of Lake Mandrone are transparent and clear with a depth of about 7 m. Nearby, the expert eye will notice some glacial pools of medium and small dimensions.