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Lake Malghette (1890 m) is one of the largest in the Park. It collects the waters coming from the above lakes (Tre Laghi, Artuich, Scuro of Malghette). It is very popular thanks to the road that reaches it and the nearby hut.

Lake Malghette is located in the Presanella subgroup and is oriented towards the peaks of the Brenta Group. Oval in shape, the lake is located in a basin of glacial origin. On the western shore the main tributary flows into the waters of the lake after having crossed a 1.4 hectare bog where very rare species of moss find the suitable habitat. The Meledrio torrent originates here after having crossed the artificial threshold of the lake basin at the Malghette Hut.

The vegetation of the area is interesting due to the presence of species not very widespread in the Park. All around the lake grow the Swiss pines, which attract numerous jays and nutcrackers who are fond of their seeds. The shores of the lake are characterized by the widespread presence of the fen. In the northern area grows the water clover (Menyanthes trifoliata) which flowers in early summer.

In 1930s the lake was first studied. In 1931 Beguinot published his observations on the shrub and herbaceous vegetation of the basin where the lake stands. While in 1935 Merciai observed the main morphological features and traced the first map of the depths (bathymetric map) of the Presanella lakes.

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