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At an altitude of 2651 m we finally see Lake Lares nestled in a majestic landscape between the peaks of the Brenta Dolomites.

Lake Lares is located at an altitude of 2651 m, nestled in a majestic landscape between the peaks of the Brenta Dolomites.
In autumn, when well trained it’s easier to reach Lake Lares with a hike of great satisfaction, on the right hydrographic side of Val Genova. At Malga Genova, take the SAT 214 path.

The roar of the Lares waterfalls is intriguing and encourages to hike up higher. The invigorating coolness of the crystalline water that refracts the colors of the iris promises a magical landscape full of surprises, but only after hard work. Hiking slowly, the golden orange of the larches transmits joy, the colors are very strong.
It’s easy to understand the origin of the name of this valley, in local dialect “lares” means “larch”, which is the undisputed and dominant conifer. Suddenly, without almost realizing it, the path takes to an open, vast and very different landscape.

The trail becomes more challenging, in the midst of tonalite boulders, smoothed and marked by the ancient passage of another powerful force, which settled here for miles, the glacier. Finally at an altitude of 2651 m a large expanse of gray water can be seen. It’s Lake Lares where the view turns into a breathtaking panorama. Originated very recently (1944) due to the inexorable withdrawal of the Lares glacier, it is one of the largest basins at high altitude. The turbidity due to the abundant suspended glacial silt and the temperature always close to zero make life inside the lake waters prohibitive.