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Lake Lambin (2327 m) can be reached after Lake Ritorto along the well-known “Five Lakes Tour ”. Although it looks like a fjord for its elongated shape and steep banks, it is actually a glacial lake. Deeply engraved in tonalite, a typical rock of the Adamello and Presanella groups.

Lake Lambin is the second alpine lake you come across along the classic Five Lakes Tour. This exciting tour starts from Madonna di Campiglio and develops along the Presanella group with beautiful views. Lake Lambin is situated at 2327 meters above sea level, it has its main tributary on the western shore, as well as some small streams that descend on the south one. To the east the emissary cuts into the rocky threshold going down to the valley, where it joins the waters from Lake Serodoli. These then enter Lake Nambino.

Also this basin has undergone hydroelectric exploitation in the past years. However, this ceased in 1991 and today only the reinforced threshold remains as evidence of the work of man. All around nature has taken over and the landscape enchants for the beauty of these unique mountains.