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In a basin of metamorphic rock at the foot of overhanging and imposing walls, there is a small, roughly circular pond at an altitude of 2147 meters. Lake Laghisol can be reached coming from the upper part of the Valbona lakes area or going up the Val di Breguzzo sideways.

Lake Laghisol, with a depth that appears modest and less than 5 m, lies on substrates of metamorphic origin. In particular on the ancient and shining rocks bent by the strong pressure belonging to the group of the Schists of Rendena.

The lake appears recessed in front of the rocky ridge that branches off from the Creper di Stracciola (2344 m). These rocky walls have characteristic “black stripes”. In fact cyanobacteria colonize the rocky walls where there is sufficient humidity to allow them to survive.

Approaching the banks rich in mosses, Saxifraga stellaris seedlings and round plumes, one easily encounters tadpoles and small frogs along the shore line. There are also some aquatic insects, among which are heteroptera hemiptera of the genus Arctocorisa.