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Clearly glacial in origin, it is very characteristic due to the ice covering even in late June. Coming down from the Nambrone pass, you can look out over the lake that is behind the Upper Val Nambrone, flanked by the tiny lake Gelato and Lake Serodoli.

Lake Gelato is located at an altitude of 2388 m. Together with four other high altitude alpine lakes, it is part of the famous “Tour of the five lakes of Madonna di Campiglio“.

Lake Gelato has an average depth of 10 m, while the maximum is 30.5 m. It covers an area of 80379 m² and is set in the intrusive volcanic tonalite rock. It is located in the mountainous amphitheater that divides Val Nambrone from the Presanella glaciers.

In 2007 and 2008, together with other high-altitude lakes in which the Alpine char lives, specific fish and environmental monitoring enabled a deeper understanding of the characteristics of the fish populations present. The data collected on Lake Gelato showed that it was without a resident fish community. In the following years it was therefore decided to introduce Alpine chars. In fact, the lake is suitable for reproduction, has food availability and above all does not present competition with other fish species. The excellent environmental quality is proven by the transparent waters.