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When our gaze moves from the fascinating image of the Brenta Dolomites and turns towards the west, from the Bocchetta dell’Acqua, on the SAT path 221 we can see Lake Garzonè. It is located with the Lake San Giuliano in a side valley of the famous Val Genova, in the last north-eastern side of the Adamello Group.

The lake has a maximum depth of 28.4 m. Originally it constituted a single large lake together with the Lake San Giuliano. Then, following the glacial withdrawal and the progressive accumulation of debris of the frontal moraine, it separated. In the 1950s the two lakes were affected by works for hydroelectric exploitation, as the thresholds show.

The fish population of the lake is very abundant and rich in species. There are documented sowings of Alpine Char coming from Lake Tovel, and of rainbow trout, spring char, roach, brown trout and Cavedano.

Near the lake there is a beautiful and majestic century-old larch with a circumference of 4.85 m and a height of 22 m. At the base of the trunk there are the signs of shepherds or wayfarers who lit the fire against the cold, leaving black scars on this natural monument. That larch, whose trunk shows is at least six hundred years old, has witnessed, in vigilant silence, the ups and downs of vagabonds, shepherds, migrants, bishops and nobles. Among the cracks of its bark and among the light fronds, it preserves memories and thoughts. The noises of the changing climate and the star lights are reflected in the water and sparkle on the crystalline white of the glacier of the Presanella in front of it.