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Lake Dosson Alto is located more than 2300 m above sea level in the undisturbed Vallone del Dosson near a malga. It is actually a slow current stretch of the glacial stream that meets a plateau descending from the SE glacier of Carè Alto.

Lake Dosson Alto, narrow and elongated, is characteristic for the presence of several islets. The largest one is covered by the plumes of the eriophorum (cotton grass). These flowers on the wet bank contribute to brighten up the landscape together with the flowers of the Geum montanum and the thistles.The waters of the lake, quite shallow, are rich in insects such as stoneflies and tricoptera. Going up a few meters in elevation towards Bocchetta di Conca or Passo delle Vacche, as if to touch the imposing bulk of the Carè Alto, it is easy to meet the rare and proud ibexes of the Park.

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