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Is it the heart of Adamello? If we look at its shape and depth (about 40 meters ) we would say so. Certainly less romantic is its name: Lake Busa del Morto (hole of the dead), which derives from the sad events that occurred during the First World War.

A jump backwards in April 1916 takes us into the middle of the White War fought on the peaks of the Adamello. A group of Austrian soldiers are in forced march at night towards the Corno di Cavento. They are crossing the glacier, they have no other choice. During the crossing one of them falls and is swallowed up in a crevasse. There is no longer any trace of him. Only ten years later his body was found by the manager of the mountain hut Carè Alto in the waters of the lake which has been called Lake Busa del Morto ever since.

All around today there are still several signs of the war, like some remnants of barbed wire and barracks. It is a lake of rather recent origin formed by the withdrawal of the Lares glacier dating back to about a century ago. His formation probably dates back to 1926. Already after the end of the Second World War the basin was no longer fed directly by the glacier and a large area of fossil ice (not moving) remained, which was completely freed in the 1970s.

The dark, deep blue color of the lake shows the definitive separation from a direct supply of melt water from the glacial tongue. The lake emissary feeds the Rio Lares. It is a lake little studied for various reasons: the origin is recent, access to it is difficult due to the high altitude and the slope, as well as for the short time when the waters are free from ice.

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