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Along the path that leads to Lake Malghette you can reach Lake Alto of Cima Artuich, at an altitude of 2166 m. You can also reach Tre Laghi and Lake Scuro through a counter-clockwise ring that leads back to Lake Malghette without ever leaving the great amphitheater.

The Lake Alto of Cima Artuich is a glacial cirque lake fed by the fusion of the surrounding snowfields. Therefore the waters of the lake are extremely transparent. In fact, these very clear waters allow you to observe the bottom of the lake from any point on the banks.

All around the landscape is wild and harsh, but we can see several specimens of small larches and firs. Towards South-East flows a small stream that quickly descends to rejoin the waterway that comes from the Three Lakes and finally reach Lake Malghette. Like most of the Presanella lakes, Merciai studied this lake for the first time in the 1930s.