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At the base of the rocky walls at an altitude of 2472 meters, the narrow and elongated lake Scarpacò lies in the severe high altitude landscape.

To reach Lake Scarpacò, take the Val Nambrone road to Malga Plozze where you take the SAT 239 path, up to the lake of Cornisello Superiore. Walk along the banks to the turn before Malga Cornisello, here take the SAT 216 path. Continue uphill as far as the Marmotte plain and finally to lake Scarpacò. The whistling of the sentinels of this friendly rodent is often heard here.

The lake is not very deep (about ten meters) and in the upstream and lower parts it reaches 5-6 meters. The shores are large rocky blocks inserted into a rugged and wild high-altitude landscape. There is also a small beach in the inlet area. Here you can see bryophytes and the characteristic white floret of the Arenaria biflora, which cheers up the environment.

Looking around the ridge towards the Scarpacò Pass, it is common to observe numerous chamois that seek the tranquility of this secluded and distant valley.

No emissary is visible. On the threshold you can feel the water flowing strongly under the boulders downstream of the snowfield. This water reappears almost at the end of the underlying floor, more or less at an ancient vegetated morainic arch. In this area there are small tufts of liverworts.

Climbing at an altitude of 2584 m, among roches moutonneés, we meet the irregularly shaped Small Lake Bon, 80 m long and 40 m wide.