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The Giudicarie Community covers about one fifth of the provincial territory. Its altitude ranges from 302 to 3558 m. at the Presanella in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park. From 1 January 2016 it includes 25 Municipalities in the areas of the rivers Sarca and Chiese.

What it is

The Autonomous Province of Trento, thanks to its special autonomy, has adopted a new regulatory framework: the Valley Community. The Communities are local public bodies established by the provincial law of institutional reform (l.p. June 16, 2006, n. 3), which identified them as an adequate institutions with important administrative functions.

What it does

At first, the functions transferred are those of Comprensori delegated for social welfare activities, housing construction and the right to study, as well as new competences in urban planning. Yet the competences are transferred in full. The Comprensorio was an “operational arm” of the Province, with limited decision-making power and purely operational tasks, bound to very punctual directives and established in general for all the territories.  On the contrary, the Community has its own functions and can adopt the most adequate policies for the needs and characteristics of its territory. Approving its own plans in sectors of great impact for the life of citizens (social plan, community territorial plan, etc.).
Subsequently, the L.P. n. 12 dd. 11.13.2014 has reviewed the institutional relations of L.P. n. 3 of 2006, with the aim of enhancing local peculiarities, simplifying the institutional framework with the revision of the Community Bodies and the reorganization of the Municipalities. In this context the role of the Communities, working with the Municipalities, is to coordinate the strategic decisions which affect the territory.

How it is made

The Community consists of the President, the Executive Committee and the Council. The current President is Giorgio Butterini and the Councilors, members of the Executive Committee are: Roberto Bombarda (Vice-President), Michela Simoni and Roberto Failoni. Particular importance is also attached to the Mayors’ Conference composed of all the mayors.