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The Cornisello Southern glacier (0.15 km2) together with the minor glacierets Cornisello South I (0.01 km2) and North (0.01 km2) lies at about 2800 m above the Lake Vedretta. As the name of the lake suggests, it marks the ancient position of the glacial front of the main vedretta.

The Cornisello Southern glacier lies on the highest mountain in the whole Park, the Cima Presanella (3558 m) and the ridge. The latter’s northern boundary include the Torre Scarazon, Monte Gabbiolo, Cima Vermiglio, Cima d’Amola, Cima Vedretta Nera. Here are the main glaciers of the Park in the Presanella group. They too, like the Adamello ones, suffer from the irremediable consequences of global warming and are in progressive evolution and continuous downsizing.

The Presanella glaciers are fewer and smaller than those of the nearby Adamello, due to the different shape of the relief.

New Italian Glacier Inventory (2015). 2011 Surveys
Type: Mountain (Pyrenean)
Shape: Deep valley
Feeding: Direct + Avalanches

Inventory C.G.I .: 646