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From Monte Gabbiolo the waters that feed these fascinating waterfalls descend into an uncontaminated natural environment.

In the beautiful Val Genova, beyond the Malgae Carèt and Stella Alpina, the view opens up to see the highest peaks above 3000m. From here comes the water of the Gabbiolo waterfall that descends from the wild valley that takes its name from Mount Gabbiolo near the Cima Presanella.

The still waters of the other great valleys suspended above the Val Genova descend from some snowfields nestled between the Campanili del Gabbiolo, an endless series of small spiers emerging from the steep rocky side of the valley. When the waters reach the Genoa valley, they dive along its side creating a white veil visible kilometers away.

In the last few decades the ever more insistent heat during the summer months has melted the centuries-old Permafrost of ice that welded the rocky debris along the steep slopes of the valleys. When the most extreme storms are unleashed, the runoff of rainwater sets in motion the slopes that on some occasions have determined real debris flows that have come down to block the course of the Sarca stream.