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The Fumo Valley is announced by the Daone Valley, the great southern entrance door of the Park. It leads from the sunny hillside terraces embroidered by the vine and chestnut to the reign of the Adamello glaciers.

How to reach it

From Tione follow the SS n. 239 of Caffaro in the direction of Pieve di Bono up to Lardaro, then turn right to Praso-Daone. From Brescia, the junction is just after Agrone di Pieve di Bono. Val Daone runs through Vermongoi, Limes, Pracul and Boazzo. After the artificial lake of Malga Boazzo, enter the Val di Fumo and continue until the artificial lake of Malga Bissina.

Discovering the valley

From the lake of Malga Boazzo go up to the esplanade of Nudole with its malga. Just above starts  the trail for Lake Campo and the Pass that descends into Val Saviore. The Malga Bissina hydroelectric dam has profoundly changed the landscape and the original environment. At the bottom of the valley the waters of the Chiese stream create suggestive waterfalls.

Under Carè Alto and Corno di Cavento, we climb gently towards the Conca delle Levade. Here you can admire the serac of Fumo and the Lobbia glacier. From the Fumo valley hut (45 minutes from Malga Bissina) start the ascents to the Carè Alto, the crossings on the glaciers of Lobbie and Adamello. In the side valleys you can still find evidence of the Great War (Passo San Valentino, Passo delle vacche, Cresta Croce, Cavento). From Malga Boazzo start the Danerba and Leno valleys. These alpine valleys are wild and rich in descending waters, forming suggestive waterfalls. In particular, do not miss the Leno cascade.

The toponym Fumo could derive from Valle dei Fini (finis = border), being on the border between Trentino and Lombardy. For other sources it comes from the smoke of fires set by the shepherds to create new pastures.

The environment

The Fumo valley, one of the most evocative of the Alpine arc, is located in the Adamello Group. It is bordered on the right by the peaks of Carè Alto (Crozzon di Lares, Corno di Cavento, Denti del Folletto, Carè Alto, Cop di Casa, Cop di Breguzzo and Cima Valbona) and, on the left, from the border ridge between Trentino and Lombardy (from Monte Fumo to Cima Buciaga to Monte Re di Castello).

The Fumo valley is the upper part of the Daone valley. From the lake of Malga Boazzo it goes up to the Conca delle Levade and ends in the Fumo glacier, where the Chiese stream flows. A glacial valley with steps, suspended valleys and minor glacial cirques (Cop di Breguzzo). You can admire an extensive area of ​​pine and rhododendron. The geological varieties (sedimentary, volcanic and metamorphic rocks, alluvial deposits) make it interesting from a biological point of view. Finally, at the highest altitudes, shoals of chamois and the golden eagle move, and then descending roe deers, marmots, hares, and finally, in the waters of the lakes and in the numerous streams, trouts and chars.