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The Folgorìda waterfall, just a few minutes from the Waterfall Path.

In Val Folgorìda there is an ancient uninhabited village: Ragàda. We are 12 km from Carisolo, in Val Rendena. Here in 800 lived the last “indigenous” of Val Genova, the famous Luigi Fantoma “King of Val Genova”. Upstream of the village, there is the beautiful Folgorìda waterfall of , with its water drops in the heart of the forest. The most beautiful among the waterfalls “to be discovered”, since it is not easily seen by the absent-minded walker. To reach it and admire all its beauty just divert 5 minutes from the Waterfall Path.

The Folgorìda glacier is now in a state of accentuated withdrawal. Its slight thickness consists of very impure ice, rich in debris and silt torn from the rocks in the past centuries. Since there is no lake that can calm the turbulent waters during the hottest months of summer, the dissolved solid transport reaches the waterfall giving it the typical coffee-colored color even when the sky is clear.