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In the “Rio Bianco Nature Area” in Stenico we talk about plants in all their parts, shapes, families and environments. The white, bubbly and copious spring water of the karst springs is a very fresh wonder.
Arrived at the Visitor, an ancient target casino of the Habsburg period, the discoveries never end.

“Area Natura Rio Bianco” in Stenico is a somewhat enigmatic name. But you have to let yourself be intrigued and attracted to discover a treasure chest of colored and fragrant surprises. We talk about plants in all their parts. From the roots to the leaves, in all their forms, herbaceous, shrubby and arboreal. And in all their families and environments: in peat bogs, in beech forests, in alpine meadows. Walking, we follow a comfortable path that climbs up offering a remarkable point of view on the area of ​​Bleggio and Lomaso. Then, we arrive at the first karst source of the Rio Bianco. The white, bubbly and abundant water of spring and summer days is a very fresh wonder. We continue in plain, entering the suggestive gorge. Here the coolness of the water of the Rio Cugol in summer is a real refreshment. Again the walk continues to the Casa del Parco Flora. Ancient target casino of the Habsburg period, restored maintaining the original features.

Inside the discoveries never end. The uses of the various parts of the plants, the names, the colors, the recipes, the different plant environments of the Park and also a bit of history.

After the visit to the house we continue through the orchard and the water of the Malea river. This place has a special charm, it can always be visited, except for the House (seasonal hours).

Guided tours by appointment: Tel 0465/806666