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Although less known than the famous Lake Tovel, the ephemeral ponds of Tovel are small pearls with turquoise and indigo hues set within the basins of the extensive stony ground of Tovel’s Glares. They have an irregular life linked to the unstoppable flow of the seasons.

The ephemeral ponds of Val di Tovel are less known than the famous Lake Tovel. They fill up in the late spring following the thaw, they dry up considerably during the summer and autumn until they disappear with the arrival of winter frost. The periodic appearance and disappearance of the ponds is marked by seasonality. But also from the fickleness of the weather that influences the discontinuity in the range of the springs that feed them. In winter, the driest period of the year, the aquifer diminishes considerably and springs dry up. The water still flows, but downstream, while the lakes, now without feeding, dry up quickly. In spring, on the other hand, in the thawing period, the reverse happens. The water saturates all the interstices filling the groundwater, reactivates the springs further upstream and fills the ponds.