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Peak of 3402 m in the Adamello group, an important Austro-Hungarian stronghold during the First World War, conquered by Italian troops in 1917.

The Corno di Cavento was conquered for the first time in 1868 by J.Payer the first Adamello climber. It is a peak of 3402 m belonging to the N-S ridge culminating in the 3462 m of the Caré Alto, in the Adamello Group.

This peak has a great historical significance. During the first World War (1915-18) it was the scene of fierce fighting between the Alpini and the Kaiserjegers (the Austro-Hungarian mountain troops). In the Adamello Presanella Group was fought the so-called “White War” .

The Corno di Cavento was an important Austro-Hungarian advanced stronghold connected to the rear by a bold system of fortifications and tunnels dug into the ice. Even today the traces of the old military posts perched on the Horn are visible.

It was conquered in June 1917 by the Alpini following the attack of Italian troops. Anticipated by shots of the cannon called “Hippopotamus” positioned by the Alpini at Cresta Croce, 3200 m, above the Passo Lobbia. The cannon, still present on the ridge, and the trenches are some remnants of war that, after a century from that huge tragedy, resurface from the ice or were abandoned on the peaks. Sometimes the glacier returns the miserable remains of the fallen that have rested in its belly for many years.

These are indelible traces left to witness the suffering, courage, tenacity and sacrifice of thousands of men forced by the absurdity of war to fight each other in these extreme places that today recall feelings of brotherhood and friendship among peoples.