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The Cornisello lakes are at an altitude of 2083 m and 2112 m and can be reached by car. Here the landscape is wild and solitary, the view sweeps over the wonderful surrounding peaks of Presanella and Brenta. Various paths leading to huts, peaks and lakes start from here.

The Cornisello lakes are in a wild and fascinating high altitude landscape. The view sweeps over the beautiful peaks of Presanella and the Brenta Dolomites. You can arrive by car and from here you can reach the surrounding peaks or venture out to discover other beautiful alpine lakes.

The milky color of the Cornisello lakes contrasts with the dark colors of the near Lake Nero. This shade is due to the widespread presence of glacial silt suspended in the water. This reaches the lake transported by the tributaries and in particular by the Cornisello glacier.

The upper Cornisello Lake, with its elongated shape, is located in a wide grassy basin alternating with rocky areas. From the first surveys of the ’50s it was more extensive (370 m long by 210 m wide) and four times deeper than the lower lake. In fact, it reached a maximum depth of about 21 meters. Ther is a small island at its northern end.

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