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Go up the Rio Bedù di Pelugo along the Val di Borzago in Val Rendena. Up to the Coel Alpine hut, the climb is gentle. Then you come across a steep rocky step that the stream embellishes with suggestive waterfalls. To the right of the Rio Bedù opens the Val di Conca with its spectacular waterfall.

The Conca waterfall is located in the homonymous valley: a majestic glacial theater at the foot of the Carè Alto in the Adamello group. The melting waters of the overlying glaciers feed the stream that at about 1700 m of altitude forms a sparkling waterfall. On these large alpine meadows in the past during the summer numerous herds and flocks were brought to the mountain pasture. In fact, there are numerous mountain huts and at high altitudes, through Bocchetta di Conca and Passo delle Vacche, you reach the high pastures of the Valli di Fumo and S. Valentino.