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The Cercen waterfall can be admired from Pian del Cuc. It flows along the valley on rocky cliffs that are not very inclined.

The Cércen Waterfall peeps over the wonderful Pian della Sega. A large green expanse crossed by the calm and sparkling waters of the Sarca. The waterfall slides along a gentle slope in the presence of the Val di Cèrcen amphitheater. It is fed by the snowfields of Busazza and the Cèrcen pass. Once the Presanella glacier descended down to the valley.

In the autumn of 1986, following heavy rains, glacial moraines slid off the steep slopes, creating a huge debris flow. Billions of pebbles turned into a cascade of rock that descended rapidly down the valley. Pian della Sega was invaded by the waters. Then the waters broke the dam releasing a wave of water that destroyed some bridges of Val Genova and Val Rendena. Nature had written another page of the great book of Val Genova.