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CAMPODENNO is located in the lower VAL DI NOT at 534 m inside the ADAMELLO BRENTA NATURAL PARK, in one of the wildest and uncontaminated DOLOMITES OF BRENTA, a World Heritage Site.

The municipality of Campodenno is one of the first villages of the lower Valle di Non that you come across going past the Rocchetta.

In a strategic position between the Adige Valley / Piana Rotaliana, Cles and the Paganella plateau. With an area of ​​over 23 square km, it now has about 1,500 inhabitants, with 4 hamlets (Dercolo, Lover, Quetta and Termon) and 5 localities (Cressino, Ischia, Maso Bolner, Maso Sant’Angelo and Segonzone).

Economy and culture

The economy is mainly agricultural, based on the cultivation of the famous apple from the Valle di Non, recently extended to cherries. However, in Campodenno there are also handcraft and productive activities as well as tourist accommodations, with the opening, in recent years, of several B&Bs.
On its territory, at the foot of the extraordinary peaks of the Brenta Dolomites, there are many cultural attractions. In addition to some historic houses and as many as six churches, the evocative hermitage of San Pancrazio and the small church of Santi Filippo e Giacomo in Segonzone. Here are preserved important late-fifteenth-century frescoes signed by Giovanni e Battista Baschenis.

Owned by the municipality since 2000, Castel Belasi is now undergoing restoration and will be opened to the public soon. Its history begins in the second half of the 1200s, then is linked to the Khuen family of Termeno, which will maintain control until the mid-1900s. The bond with this family is also maintained in the municipal coat of arms: the lion is present in both the Campodenno and Khuen-Belasi coat of arms.


Campodenno has an important sports center as well as plenty of opportunities for walkers and mountain bikers on the Dolomiti Brenta Bike route. And then there are excursions, with paths that run across the mountain territory. you can find pastures and bivouacs owned by the ASUC of the Municipality of Campodenno, which can be a useful support points for overnight stays “in the heart” of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.

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