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The Orange Flag is the tourist environmental quality mark of the Italian Touring Club. Caderzone Terme received this prestigious award in 2006. In 2004 the Terme di Caderzone were also inaugurated. Another important resort in the Trentino spa tradition. To make the most of it in terms of tourism, the town has taken the name of Caderzone Terme.


The town of Caderzone, in Val Rendena, due to the sparse location of its farms between the Val di Casa and the Piana di Curioche, took longer to become a real village. At the beginning of 1300 we start talking about the village or hamlet, when the Lodrons, powerful lords of the Giudicarie, built a fortified citadel there.
The emblem of the village is a silver lily of France, tied in gold on a red shield, surrounded by fronds tied with red and silver knots. With the rampant lion it was one of the symbols of the Lodron family, called “the heirs of the Lily”.
The imposing Lodron residence was a huge multi-storey Tower. Over time, it was lowered and transformed into a noble residence by the Bertelli (successors of the Lodron), who made it the most beautiful and envied residence in Val Rendena.

La Plain

Walking towards the Plain we come across the monument of our agricultural nature: Maso Curio. Part in masonry and part in wood, the farm, with stables, the porch, the gigantic chestnut beams, the shingle roof, the “casina” for milk and the “casera” for cheese, dominate the plain from 1302. Rebuilt in 1537 after a big fire, the granite walls are still original. So, with pride, we can say that Maso Curio is the oldest and longest-lived “profane” building in our Valley.

The Malghe (farm cottages)

Caderzone Terme is a community that has always been dedicated to alpine activity. Here the malghe are the most representative element of our history, culture and local tradition. These traditions are on display in the Museo della Malga which is located in the center of the village.

There are four malghe in Caderzone Terme and they reflect the places of settlement: Malga Campo, Malga Campostril, Malga S. Giuliano, Malga Garzonè.
From Malga Campo (1734 m), take the path that leads to Malga San Giuliano, at the upper limit of the wood. Beyond the malga, through a rich shrub vegetation, with a prevalence of red currant, blueberry and rhododendrons, after a short descent, you reach the enchanting glacial basin that hosts the lakes San Giuliano and Garzonè, beautiful tourist destinations.

Near Lake San Giuliano stands the San Giuliano Refuge, recently renovated.

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