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Get to know the Brown Bear, symbol of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, through the fantastic reading for children and the faithful reconstruction of the life of this fascinating animal.

In Spormaggiore, in the Corte Franca palace of 1400 the ghost of Count Spaur hovers around. Do you want to know his story? But here also lives another character equally fascinating, charismatic and elusive … the BEAR!

Yes, majestic and elusive, ghost of the woods, has found a home in this house to ensure that everyone can know and respect him.

The wood opens the itenerary dedicated to the bear. Habitat of many animals has been recreated with realistic dioramas. Along this magical journey you will discover the footprints, recognize the fur typical of some animals and listen to their verses.

You can enter the bear’s den and listen to many stories along the interactive itinerary. This unfortunately links man to the plantigrade also for its extinction. But the Adamello Brenta Nature Park is a great supporter and has done a lot to ensure that the bear does not become extinct. How? Watch the films on bear releases. The park  project to constitute the first nucleus of the new population. Discover the methods of monitoring and the conservation measures of the species.

Children can also rest a while reading the stories about the bear and its environment, lying comfortably in the middle of fairy tales and books in the library.

For guided tours, make a reservation calling 0465/806666.