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The Boion de l’Ors is a significant name: here perhaps, from ancient times, the bear of the Val Brenta comes to cool off.

In the Brenta valley, walking along the dirt road that leads to the Brenta Bassa hut, we start our adventure to find the Boion de l’Ors waterfall. Walking in the thich wood, we breathe the fine air of the forest and observe with pleasure the flow of transparent water of the torrent. It is the Sarca of the Brenta valley. This impetuous stream then joins with the Sarca of Vallesinella and Nambino near Madonna di Campiglio where it takes the name of Sarca di Campiglio.

A little further on, our attention is captured by a very impressive waterfall.  Perhaps the Bear, the lonely inhabitant of the forest, usually drinks here! We can admire the waterfall by looking down, we cannot perceive the height well, but we are struck by the charm of the place.