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The artificial lake of Val Genova is a large calm basin that collects the waters that flow from the Val Genova and those brought by the gutter channel coming from the south. The water is then taken into the tunnel for Molveno where it is collected and then used for hydroelectric purposes.

“The aim of the project was to collect all the available waters of the Sarca basin, from the Val di Breguzzo to the Passo di Campo Carlo Magno and from here to Andalo and the result will be amazing because, despite problems which seemed insurmountable, we can say that the water that still today is not collected is very little. The project was to use, bringing it to lake Molveno, also the water of the Upper Arnò basin that descends into the Val di Breguzzo and that of the Torrente Fiana in Val Gaverdina. The Collini Company of Pinzolo built a dam upstream of Pont Arnò, just above the confluence.

The gutter on the right Sarca, with the exception of the short section on the canal bridge in Val di Borzago, was built entirely in the tunnel with trapezoidal or polycentric sections (horseshoe shaped) depending on the nature of the rocks crossed. It was growing in size as the flow increased due to the interception of water courses and measured a total of 18.4 km, with an average gradient of 2.6. It began at the “La Rocca” plany at an altitude of 945 and, after having received derivations from the Maftina, Finale, Bedù di Vigo, Bedù di Pelugo and Vogogna and Orbo minor streams along the route, ended in the Val Genova basin at an altitude of 896…”

In simple terms, the basin collected the waters of the Val di Genova basin and those brought by the gutter from the south. Then, through a siphon that passed under the Sarca riverbed, poured them into the following section of the gallery that from the siphon outlet headed for Pinzolo “