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Ancient ornamental stone quarry from which the Marble of Breguzzo was extracted.

The ancient quarry of Malga Trivena is a quarry of ornamental stones of considerable historical importance. One of the most important Trentino’s ornamental stones was extracted from here: the Marble of Breguzzo. This has been widely used in the construction and decoration of palaces, churches and monuments both in Trentino and in the rest of Italy. It is a marble of contact. Its genesis is due to the strong thermal alteration induced on carbonate rocks embedded by incandescent magmas. This happened on rocks placed deep during the formation of the Adamello batholite. Today the quarry is abandoned.The site of the ancient Quarry of Malga Trivena can be reached from the Breguzzo valley starting on foot from Pianone Bridge following the dirt road to the Trivena mountain hut.

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