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Ancient mines of pyrite and chalcopyrite witness the mining activity that in the past has affected the Val San Valentino.

In the Geopark territory, as in other parts of Trentino, you can find the indelible remains of the past mining activity in these valleys. The proofs of this activity are represented by some old mining galleries. But above all in the legends and in the stories related to them. From the late Middle Ages to the present day they feed an imaginary linked to the most intimate aspect of the territory: the underground world and its “treasures”.

The pyrite mines of Val San Valentino are located on the left side of the valley and in the small valley of Malga Coel of Vigo. The field was also known in the past centuries while exploitation stopped definitively in the sixties. The mineralization was mixed sulphides (pyrite and chalcopyrite) and the current galleries are the last evidence of a good mining activity. Of ancient origins it has affected the right orographic side of the Val Rendena (between Mortaso and beyond the town of Verdesina).

In the Geopark territory other signs of the mining activity of the past are present in Val Breguzzo, in Val Daone and on the right orographic side of Val Rendena between Bocenago and Mortaso.