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The ancient crystal factory, a complex of industrial archeology that is still well preserved, testimony to the flourishing glass business that took place in the Giudicarie valleys in the 19th century.

The Ancient Glass Factory of Val Algone was born thanks to the abundance of quartz that was extracted in the homonymous valley. This mineral favored the development of the glass industry in the Giudicarie area in the 1800s. It was one of 4 glassworks that exploited the subsoil rich in silicon for the production of vitreous paste. Its chimney is still standing and can be visited. The route starts in Val d’Algone and connects the ancient quarry and the glassworks through the story of the glass production, the anthropic transformation of places and of the power of nature.

To visit it, go along the Val d’Algone until you reach the Ghedina mountain hut.