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Ancient crystal factory showing the flourishing glass business that took place in the Giudicarie in the 19th century.

The Ancient Glass Factory of Tione was one of the most flourishing glassworks that in the nineteenth century settled in the Giudicarie. Place that possessed all the necessary requisites to favor glass production. The subsoil rich in quartz of excellent quality, an essential element of vitreous paste. Lush woods to supply furnaces with fuel. And finally plenty of running water, to feed the large water wheels of mills and sawmills. This attracted several entrepreneurs in the area that gave birth to this industry.

The quartz was dug in the Val Borzago. In the quarry abandoned by the Carisolo company. It was used for the crystal used for the most valuable works, such as the large glass bells renowned throughout Europe. While for glass bottles and tableware of lesser value, the silica sand of the riverbed of Sarca was used and for the window slabs, the orthoclase feldspar of S. Giovanni a Giustino.

The site can be reached from Tione at Basso Arnò, the name of the stream that supplied water to the mills of the glassworks.