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The Ambiez valley extends from San Lorenzo in Banale to the Rifugio Al Cacciatore (1820 m). Here, among the formidable walls of the Cima Tosa massif, the fantastic dolomite amphitheater of the Brenta Group opens up.

How to reach it

From San Lorenzo in Banale follow the road for about 3km to Baesa from where you continue on foot.

Discovering the valley

The Ambiez valley is located in the wonderful Dolomite of Brenta. From San Lorenzo in Banale, after reaching Baesa, the valley lies between steep walls. On the left, take the path that climbs towards the meadows of Dengolo, with the farms and mountain pastures of the Val di Jon. From Baesa continue up to the Pont de le Scale and then up to the Pont de Broca. Here we enter the gorge dug by the waters of the Rio Ambiez. Finally, beyond the Ponte Paride, the valley opens on the alpine pasture of Malga Prato di Sotto and then the Cacciatore refuge 1820m.

From here you can admire in all its grandeur the spectacular circus of walls that closes the upper valley. From right to left the Dalun-Ghèz Group, the Cede, the Castei d’Ambièz, the Vedretta d’Ambièz dominated by the Cima d’Ambiez and Cima Tosa, the Cima d’Agola, the Cima Susat, Pratofiorito, le Tose, the Corno di Senaso. At the foot of the great wall of Cima d’Ambièz, we find the Sat Hut Silvio Agostini at 2410m. Point of departure and arrival of the most classic crosses and ascents in the Brenta Group: Cima Tosa, Cima Pratofiorito, Cima d’Ambiez, the Tosa and Pedrotti refuges, Brentari, XII Apostoli through the E. Castiglioni via ferrata, the Brentei hut through the Bocca d’Ambièz and the Vedretta dei Camosci.

The church dedicated to the Madonna del Capriolo, inaugurated in 1946, is a spectacular viewpoint in the mountains of southern Trentino: the Alps of Ledro and Lake Garda, the Tre Cime del Bondone and the Stivo, the Altopiani delle Vezzene and Folgaria, the Monte Baldo.

The environment

The mountains are formed by calcareous sedimentary rocks consisting of various types of dolomite. The flora and fauna are among the most interesting of the Brenta Group. Between the 600m of Baesa and the 3173m of the Cima Tosa one can admire all the different types of vegetation. In the side valleys you can spot groups of chamois and in the sky the golden eagle and the bearded vulture. The toponym Ambièz seems to derive from Ambo, Celtic for good pasture and Biez, the canal for the water of the mills on the Rio Ambièz.