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The Algone valley is one of the largest and wildest valleys in the entire Adamello Brenta Nature Park.

How to reach it

From Stenico follow the SP n.34 towards Ragoli up to the Lisan bridge over Rio Algone. Before the bridge, take the road up the Algone valley on the right. For those arriving from Tione and Ragoli access is on the left.
Past the Lisan bridge, you can visit the ancient village of Irone, at the foot of Mount Iròn. The village still preserves ancient rural buildings with typical alpine elements. For example, the church of San Giacomo Maggiore of medieval origin. The town was abandoned following the plague epidemics, as the one in 1630 described by Alessandro Manzoni in the Promessi Sposi.

Discovering the valley

The Algone valley is located in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, in the southern sector of the Brenta Group. Among the wildest valleys, it starts from the gorge of Ponte Pià and ends at Passo del Gotro 1847 m, which connects it with Valagola. It is crossed by the Rio Algone. Surrounded by the Sabbion-Tov-Iron chain, which separates it from Val Rendena on the left. While on the right from the long ridge of the Castello dei Camosci and Vallon. At the bottom of the valley, a paved road leads to the Movlina hut.

From the Lisan bridge go up the first narrow and rugged stretch, then enter the fir and beech woods towards the Prà del Ban, crossing several bridges (Carner, Limandos, della Sega). Here the horizon opens and the landscape becomes typically alpine. Pastures surrounded by thick woods, with typical mountain huts, above which the Brenta peaks rise. At the Rifugio Ghedina 1120m you can see the ruins of an ancient glassworks (1700).

Then you can reach the meadows of Algone, Malga Nambi and finally Malga Movlina. Located on a natural balcony from which you can admire the entire valley and the mountains of the Adamello-Presanella Group. According to a legend, a Judgment of God was held here in 1115. It was commissioned by Prince Eberardo, among the champions of Bleggio and Rendena for the possession of the area rich in pastures. From Malga Movlina you can continue to the Gotro Pass (path 354) and then to the Bregn de l’Ors Pass, 1836m. From here you can reach the XII Apostoli hut in Val Nardis (path No. 307) or descend into the enchanting Valagola (path number 324), or go up towards the Doss del Sabion (path n.335).

The environment

From the naturalistic point of view the Algone valley has an extraordinary wealth of arboreal, shrub and herbaceous species. The fauna is varied and can enjoy wide uncontaminated spaces. You can observe the roe deer in the lower valley or at the limits of the numerous clearings, and the chamois on the rocky slopes. In the Sacco valley, the marmot oftens shows up whistling and also the  golden eagle can be spotted. From the geological point of view, the Algone valley connects the crystalline rocks of the Adamello-Presanella and the calcareous rocks of the Brenta Group.

In the two secondary valleys Vallon (path No. 359) and Sacco valley (path No. 341) you can admire wild and impervious landscapes.

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