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In summer

Gli sguardi dei caprioli

Also for the next summer 2019, as for over 15 years, the Park offers you a rich choice of events looking for Nature variety and colours as well as the signs that man has impressed through the traditional mountain activities.

Thanks to the collaboration of local tourism associations and consortiums, over 200 proposals will be available from mid-June to mid-September.

In “Searching with the Park” you will be actively involved in environmental monitoring activities (the BioMiti Project). Looking for  the presence indices of the most typical animals in the Park. In “Discovering the disappeared glacier ” you’ll find out the beauty of the landscape and the geological peculiarities of our territory!

On the excursions “On the Val Rendena pastures”, with the expert of the National Breeders Association of Razza Rendena ((A.N.A.Re.) you will reach a different mountain cottage every time. An excursion, always successful in the years, in which you can taste some typical products and enjoy a lunch offered by the Park municipalities.

The initiatives will reach everywhere in the Park territory. Some in Val Ambiez in the Comano Spa, Grostè, Val Genova and Val Brenta in ​​Val Rendena and Pian della Nana in Val di Non. We will move to Malga Cengledino and Val of Breguzzo for the events in collaboration with the tourism Consortiums in the Central Giudicarie.

You will enjoy our beautiful territory during the day, but also at nightfall, when tranquility pervades the environment that surrounds you!

This is just a small appetizer of what you can find here!
We are working on defining the calendar and soon you will find the detailed program!

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