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Rules & Tips

The visit to the Adamello Brenta Natural Park will be an opportunity for discovery.
To live a unique experience, here are some tips to follow:
1. Rediscover the emotion of getting emotional.
2. Listen to the silence, the wind, the sounds of nature.
3. Experience the secrets of the Park from sunrise to sunset.
4. Collect images instead of fragments of nature.
5. Look for signs of man, respecting the local culture.
6. Leave your car at home. Use the Park’s feet, bicycle or shuttles when available.
7. Take things slowly, following the rhythms of nature.
8. Bring home your wastes and, if it happens, collect those left by others, to enjoy the Park always clean or to leave it better than you found it.
9. Discover nature, on your own or with the help of the Park’s experts.
10. Wear clothing suitable for the variable climate of the mountain.

Let’s find out with Mr. Rossi what are some of the behaviors to avoid in the Park:

We joked a bit but the Park invites you, during the visit, to follow the rules that, despite being simple principles of good education and common sense, are enforced by forestry, also applying the sanctions provided for by L.P. 18/88.

1.Respect flowers and plants: their colors and scents are there for those who will pass after you.
2. When you see animals, keep your distance: you risk scaring them. They are also afraid of dogs that, for this, you must always keep under control.
3. Even amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates (insects, molluscs, etc.) are fundamental in the balance of nature and deserve your respect.
4. The worst enemy of the woods is fire. If you want to light one, use the fire points provided by the Park.
5. In respect of flowers, animals and hikers, don’t ride your bike on trails with specific sign of (bike) prohibition.
6. Minerals and fossils must be left where they are. They have been there for millions of years (also thanks to the respect of those who preceded you).
7. Tone your voice down and turn your senses on. The Park is a whole other music.
8. Not to disturb the magical balance of the Park, camping is allowed only as alpine bivouac: from sunset to dawn, in places far from mountain huts and the shores of lakes.
9. Almost everywhere in the Park you can collect mushrooms but you need a permit, which is issued by the Municipalities.
10. If you happen to find any remnants of war, do not pick it up; it is forbidden and could also be dangerous. Rather report the find to the Park.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your stay!