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In collaboration with TALKING NAT
TALKING NAT is a thematic channel of geolocalized podcasts of nature and at the same time a service that accompanies the communication and dissemination activities in the naturalistic field of subjects that in Italy are dedicated to the sustainability and conservation and enhancement of territorial biodiversity.

Along with the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, four podcasts have already been produced, one relating to the “Life Ursus” project for the protection of the brown bear, another in English dedicated to the British alpinist Francis Fox Tuckett, one of the first protagonists of Dolomite mountaineering, which gave its name to a Trentino refuge in the Brenta Dolomites and two others in the series designed for the dissemination of the villages and paths of the Park.

The Podcast – “MR TUCKETT, I PRESUME” is available in english: listen to it here!

“MR TUCKETT, I PRESUME” is a quick and devoted portrait of the first protagonists of Dolomite mountaineering, part of a nineteenth-century generation of explorers from across the Channel attracted by the charm of these unique mountains in the world.
Length: 12:46 min
Editorial board: Oliviero Grimaldi
Voices: Oliviero Grimaldi e Dario Delfino
Recorded at GNoize Studio

Tucket; podcast

Tucket; podcast

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