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Open Land

Discover new sound paths in the alpine landscape through bones conduction headphones, experiencing, while walking, a fusion between nature sounds, classic music and voices of local people
This is the proposal of the artistic project site specific HADYN OPEN LAND, developed by the composer and sound artist Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch with Fondazione Haydn or the Art Biennale SMACH 2023.
Bones conduction headphones propagate the sound through slight vibrations on jaw bones, permitting to hear also sounds coming from the external environment. This particular type of headphones is becoming always more popular for the unconventional fruition of music, that make it accessible even to people with hearing fragilities.
Using this particular audio technology, actually quite popular among runners, Bianchi Hoesch has created for us a soundwalk, in which natural sounds overlap to music and other registered sounds: voices of environment guides that narrate sounds of woods and its inhabitants, music pieces played by Haydn Orchestra, directed by conductor Ottavio Dantone.