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I Martedì del Parco (Tuesdays of the Park)

Rendezvous to talk about environment and sustainability, guided by the colours of UN 2030 Agenda.
The 4th edition of Martedì del Parco, with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development connecting the different meetings, underlines the commitment that the Natural Park feels more and more like personal. Thinking about sustainability means, in fact, broadening the borders of the protected area, addressing universal issues that ask for everybody’s contribution and that will impact in a determinant way on the life of future generations.
The action programme, signed by 193 UN Member States’ Governments, in September 2015 is really ambitious, encompassing 17 different goals that go from the fight to poverty to the elimination of hunger, from the contrast to climatic changes to the question of a green and accessible energy, from the right to potable water to the defence of life and biodiversity, from equality to health. These goals – human rights of XXI century that need to be translated in a series of concrete commitments – embrace all the legitimate aspirations of every human being, starting from youngsters. Seen their actual, fundamental importance, they have also been considered in the Provincial Strategy for a Sustainable Development, adopted by the Autonomous Province of Trento and in the consequent covenant, subscribed from every authority of the territory, among which the Park.

Man is part and parcel of the environment. For this reason, talking about sustainable development means – also and especially – talking about nature, flora, wildlife, water, mountains, glaciers and forests: in other terms, about life in its every possible form.
The 2023 programme of Martedì del Parco touches different themes: we will deepen conflicts and well-being, food waste, high-altitude scientific research; we will talk about collective goods and about bugs and ice stupa that sustain life.
In every station of our journey, together with our hosts and with your contribution, we will consider every different scenario on which these challenges are projected. It will be a conversation between a local and a global dimension, that represents one of the main reasons of the existence of natural parks as ours.

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