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The Park’s 100th anniversary

In 1919 Giovanni Pedrotti was the first to understand the importance of creating protected areas in Trentino.
100 years later, let’s remember his work together!

Giovanni Pedrotti (Rovereto 1867 – Andalo 1938), historian and botanist, he was a great connoisseur and scholar of the mountains of Trentino. He was the first to propose the establishment of national parks in the Adamello Group and on the Pale di S. Martino in Trentino.

In collabotion with the Paneveggio – Pale di San Martino Nature Park and SAT we are organizing an event to celebrate our origins!

The initiative is carried out by Prof. Franco Pedrotti of the University of Camerino. Here he was at the head of the Department of Botany and Ecology. He currently directs the specializing school in the management of the natural environment and protected natural areas. He was awarded four honorary degrees: two in Biology, conferred by the universities of Cluj-Napoca and Iași, one in Ecology and Biogeography from the University of Palermo and one in Geo-architecture from the University of Western Brittany. He is also President of the Accademia degli Accesi.

For more detailed information, we propose two in-depth articles.

2005 Bolettino SAT dedicated to Giovanni Pedrotti
La storia di Giovanni Pedrotti, pioneer pioneer of nature protection.