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Barrier-free Park: a Park for everyone!

In all the valleys manned by the Park, vehicles with a disabled person on board and with the disabled placard exposed have the right to free access to all the parking spaces of the Park; some parking places are, in fact, dedicated to them.

Over the years, the Park has identified a series of paths of “accessible beauty” whose purpose is: “the identification, description and cataloguing of a series of paths (paths/dirt roads) that can be defined as “accessible” or practicable for people with disabilities; paths through which the places defined as “beauty” can be reached by them to be admired, experienced and photographed”.

The Photographic Park of Trentino is a project of enhancement and promotion of the territory created by the mountain photographer and writer Alberto Bregani. The project promotes – through beautiful photographs presented on the site and in social channels – places and mountain paths that make the “beauty” their main feature, so that everyone can enjoy, simply looking at the photographs or allowing people to go to the places told by these, through specific logistics. Within the project, started in 2017, six places of accessible beauty were identified. Each route has its own and special text sheet accompanied by photographs both descriptive of the context and of the places accessible and from which you can live and photograph a particularly significant view of the landscape from the point of view of beauty.

Here’s a list of places dedicated to accessible beauty:
1. “Un sentiero per tutti – Nudole” (A path for everyone) – Val di Daone
2. Malga Ritort – Madonna di Campiglio
3. Patascoss – Lago di Nambino, Madonna di Campiglio
4.Val Genova: three possibilities –
 Nardis Waterfalls – Val Genova; from the parking lot located in Loc. Ponte Verde, at the beginning of the valley, to the Nardis Falls. The boarded path runs along the paved road until you reach the Falls (about 1 Km, 15 minutes walk)
Lares Waterfall – Val Genova; from the Nardis Falls you can take the car or the shuttle (no platform) to the Ponte Rosso. From here you can admire the spectacular Lares Waterfall.
Folgorida-Casina Muta and Pedruc waterfalls up to Malga Bedole – Val Genova; from Ponte Rosso continue by car (or by shuttle bus during summer) arriving near the church of the Madonna della Neve. From here, you can observe  Folgorida waterfall and then continue to the waterfall of Casina Muta, Malga Caret and reach the last waterfall: Pedruch. You can then continue until the beautiful meadows of Malga di Bedole.
5. Val di Tovel – from the Tovel car park, you climb up to the basin and then walk along the right bank of the lake along a barred path to the Park House.
6. Lakeside promenade Molveno

Nudole, un sentiero per tutti; credits: M. Visconti

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