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Activities – SUMMER 2020

Let’s start afresh with the Park

The Park has been working with the Tourism Boards to create new initiatives for the guests visiting its territory. Due to the consequences of Covid-19, the Guest’s expectations have changed and the Park decided to offer activities that let visitors discover the territory safely and freely.

The new management system of the Valleys

During summer 2020, the usual bus service that used to be operated in some valleys won’t be activated. The parking lots in Val di Tovel, Val di Genova and Vallesinella are regulated by the personnel of the Park. The parking spots in Val di Tovel, Vallesinella, Val Genova, Val di Fumo have to be booked and paid online. By buying the 5-parking-spots pass, it is possible to book a parking spot in Val d’Algone and Patascoss as well.

Book beforehand by clicking here!

Summer Initiatives

Some of the usual activities are offered this summer, as well as numerous new initiatives.

  •       SuperPark: 14 excursions with extraordinary guides and 9 films by the forest.
  •       Surprising apparitions: 6 shows in Val Genova, Vallesinella and Val di Tovel. The protagonist will unveil the most evocative and peculiar aspects of the valleys.
  •       PARtiCOlari: from Monday to Friday, every half hour from 9.30 AM until 12.00 PM in Val Genova, Vallesinella and Val di Tovel. Thursdays and Fridays, every half hour from 9.30 AM until 12.00 PM in Val di Fumo. Discover and enjoy the hidden details of the valleys, in total freedom, with the help of special maps containing curiosities and anecdotes. 
  • Guided excursions: a series of engaging excursions with the experts of the Park, exploring the whole protected area.